Finding a Window Pet Door

For renters or for people who do not want to put holes in their door or in their walls, the pet product industry has come up with the best solution ever. Put the pet door in a window!

Window pet doors are fairly easy to install. This is especially true is you have what is called a sash window, one that raises up and down. Most pet doors for windows have adjustable sides so they will fit snuggly into the window. They are made of clear materials so your view out is less obstructed.

We found some good tips when it comes to installing a pet door in your window:

1) First you must remove the screen. Store it someplace where it can lay flat. Under a bed may work, or under your washer or dryer if it will fit.

2) Next, raise the sash all the way up and measure the width inside the track. Then you will know which pet door to choose. You want a window pet door that will adjust to the dimensions of your window and fit securely.

3) If you purchase a pet door which has a cover that locks into place, remember it slides down from the top, so you need to make sure you have Double Glazing Sash Windows Thanet enough clearance to do this. An easy way is to measure the opening of the window pet door you are thinking of purchasing and double that measurement. Then compare that to the measured length of the window where you want it installed.

4) Finally, check to see if your window is single pane or doubled pane. If you live in a newer home or an area where the weather can get extreme, you probably have double paned glass. Your best bet will be to buy a dual pane window pet door. Make sure to measure the depth of your window first. You don’t want the window pet door to stick out further than the window.

Here are two ways to still “lock” your window. You can easily place a wood screw just above the window into either side of the tracks. Or if you still want to open the window from time to time, cut two small wooden dowels and wedge them in the tracks when the window is closed.